Past Pictures of the week~

I'm missing a ton of pictures.  Our website crashed and I've lost a lot of information. 

I'm working on it, but it's been a real big pain in the you know what!



Spring 2010





Here are some of the past pictures of 2009! 

Preschool Class From Madison..



One of our first trail rides Spring 2009; The Honeymooners!   Happy Goats getting fed;   Cool Double Rainbow



Rod with our "boys" this winter while feeding!




My favorite trail riders!:  Rod riding Rose;  Big Cheese and Gilbert


Rod caught a huge fish!  19.5 inches!  Enjoying the weather!  Hanover College Riders



Trip to Canaan!  The John Deere Ad!   The Hose Reel;  Trail riders this summer


Great times on the trail!  New horse Pepper;  Girl Scouts with the Woozie!



New Cabin for rent!  Sean on Grumpy;  Trail riding picture in the woods.  Rod on Martini


Rod's new puppy, Big Cheese;  Also pictured with Herman


Above, Black Lucky locked in with Sadie!  It was pretty funny to see!!


Rod w/ all our horses;  Pony Express Riders 2006;  Happy Cow!


Easton met Chris Denorfia;  Rod and Easton fishing


2006 Fair Pictures above, Sammy, Drew & Tammy;  "Do you have an appointment?"


The Guys at Bat's Opening night game!   Rod and Kim-Tigers Game 5-06;  "Gilbert Gnarley"


Rod and Mike  Xavier Game 2/15/06 ;   Jethro Bodine;  Opening Day Reds Game



Happy Birthday Barb!!   Jenny's 30th birthday party



Madison Christmas Parade 2005; Family Photo Christmas 2005; Some of the Moose 765 Brothers


Carmen & Rod at the Blue Jackets Game Nov. 9, 2005;  Big South Fork Nov. 2005; Thanksgiving 2005 looking for Plan A!!!


Bea, Karen, Megan, Brianne & Linda; Scuba Steve, Allison, Don, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Erin & Steve Oct. 22, 2005


Surprise Birthday Ride!   Linda, Val & Rocky making their way across Country!; Rod with Tracy Lawrence


Rod & Easton Wrigley Field May 2005;  Meijer 300 at Kentucky Speedway June 2005


Sunset 4/22/05;  Bats Game after a rain delay;  Rod & Buddy Spring Ride 2005


Jenny, Neil McCoy, Sherry & Rod  March 2005;  Rod with a Mint Road Runner! April 2005


"Guys Ride" Day after Thanksgiving 2004:  WOW! Wozie, Woozie on Wendsday! ; Carey & Michelle  3/20/05

Jenny & New Niece Olivia   Click here for more baby pictures!


Cleo & Cloe - Snow Storm Dec. 2004; Us at the Bengals game 12/26/04: Robert was home for a visit!


Jenny on Elvis; Cleo & Cloe!;  Barb the Elf, Dan at Christmas Parade!


Rod & Barb - Hillbilly Contest at Rudy's Ranch; Rod, Max, Beck & Jane with Apollo;  Me & Chewy!


Our farm from above; Rod on JR Fall 2003; New Pups - One & Two


Hopper & Bobby Jo;  Scott & Pam's Pup Ozzy; Easton & Cornbread at 4-H; Brenda's Grandsons


Spring Ride 2003; Bachelorette Ride;  Group shot of Bachelorette Ride


Jack's Best Side; The Wooz; Rudy & her twins; Katie & Doddle Bug; Scott


Victoria; Great Sunset; Katie the crazy horse; Dan & Barb 25th Anniversary; The Engagement Ride Couple


Rod, Robert & Jenny; Robert shotting the goats; Rod on Tar Baby; Rod on Zoe






Bucky chasing the Llama; Lunch at Double J Ranch Ride; In the Smokies; Fall Ride 2003





Young Scott; The Hose Reel; Corky Baby Picture; Corky & Chewy


Chris & Janette; Trail Riders; NuCents New hat; Our ADT Security Team


Scott; Fields of Purple!; Engagement Picture

Don & Jackie


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